Value(s) of Science

Topic and Genre Decalaration:

Value: Human prosperity in animal testing

Article that says “Humans first!”:

Article on the other side,33009,868018,00.html

Group Members: Carlo Tonda, Bruno Bartolek, Vishnu Kaushik and Samantha Guada

Genre Declaration: Debate in video form

The two text we will analyze are “Animals: The She-Hound of Heaven” and “Why Mouse Genetics?”.

We will compose a script in which we will simulate a debate between the two sides of the issue on animal testing. Afterwards, we will act, record and edit a video that showcases these ideas.

Both articles analyze a common aspect of modern science: animal testing. Animals: The She-Hound of Heaven is highly against the fact that the Russian aerospace program sent a dog into space “for the benefit of humanity”, while Why Mouse Genetics discusses how useful animal testing is for humans. Therefore, the value that we plan to explore in our project is human prosperity in animal testing. We will discuss how the two articles portray the value of animal testing as a prosperous activity for humanity.

We chose these two articles because although they have opposite views about animal testing, both expose the same scientific value of human prosperity. The TIME’s article expresses a story focused on the morals of sending an animal in a suicide mission to space. While the Jackson laboratory’s article concerns the benefits of using animals to boost humans’ health. We chose the value of human prosperity in animal testing because the Jackson Laboratory article interested us; we wanted to hear what the other side of the argument for animal testing sounded like. Hence, we looked for a text that was highly against it.

Since we are going to record a video, to develop the project, Bruno, Vishnu and Samantha are going to write the script and Carlo is going to edit and record the film. The video is going to be a debate between two people, one person will have the point of view of Animals: The She-Hound of Heaven and the other person will have the point of view of Why Mouse Genetics.


We plan to get the script for the video ready by Friday, November 4th. Our idea for the project is in the form of a video, so we will have to rent a camcorder from the library, and also put aside one day to shoot the video and one day to edit the video. We are planning to record the video over the weekend or whenever all of us are free in the coming week. Over the week from November 7th to the 11th, we plan to add some final touches to the project, but a section of the project will be ready by November 7th itself.

As a group, we all commit to this project.