Transforming Tech Science


Group members (other than myself): Jonathan, Grant, Carlo, Samantha

Topic and Genre Declaration:

We have chosen an article written in 2014 on the (then new) GT-SORT telescope. ( This article was written with the intent to inform the readers about the telescope’s features and installation process. The article is also difficult to find and includes many technical words (such as “raven – class telescope”). This suggests that the article was intended for an audience that regularly checks the Georgia Tech news website regularly and is familiar with some technical jargon.

We have chosen to transform the medium to expand the audience and to draw people to use the telescope. After some research, we found that “public astronomy nights” occur every once in two months or so. We have decided to create a poster (thus making this information more accessible) that advertises an opportunity to use the telescope. Our poster is also going to contain fewer technical terms, so that the poster can reach out to a much broader audience.

We are planning to distribute the work according to different components of the poster. We are still deciding exactly what to delegate to who. However, the current rough plan is that Jonny and I work on the general informational content of the poster, Samantha and Carlo the photos and research section, and Grant the advertising aspect of the poster.

We are planning to write our individual articles, and put them together and edit them once more so that the tones and writing styles match.



I feel the poster successfully fulfills the intent of its creators (us!). From the feedback we got during our presentation, we learned that the poster’s layout was satisfactory, and our peers told us they would have stopped to read our poster if they had seen it hanging somewhere. The poster allowed us to cater to a wide audience due to the poster’s location (we intend to put in a high traffic area such as the CULC), and the poster’s language.

The freedom given to us let us explore all media and finally settle on that of a poster. We came up with the idea of a poster together as a group, as we bounced ideas off each other. The greatest advantage, I feel, in working as a group, is the opportunity to hear constructive criticism. In most projects where we have to work by ourselves, we are sometimes unsure of whether our project is up to the mark.

Though we had a plan originally (see ‘Topic and Genre Declaration’), as we executed it we deviated from the plan. We realized each other’s strengths and started assigning tasks accordingly. We also incorporated new ideas that we came up with as we worked on the poster.

We all wrote an article for the poster, and my topic was on the features, size, cost, et cetera of the telescope. After we all submitted our articles, we edited them. I had to present the different details in our poster, which Carlo later referred to and linked each to one of pathos, logos or ethos.

We all played a part in the design of the poster. I think this was important because it allowed gave the poster multiple “personalities”, and made it even more relatable to a wider audience.

The biggest challenge we faced was putting the poster together. We were unsure of what photo-editing software to use, and we didn’t know where to get the poster printed, etc. Crossing the minimum word limit was also difficult, but we worked our way around it buy diving the text into multiple chunks.

A personal challenge for me was to present in front of the class, but I think I did a decent job. I will definitely be more comfortable in future presentations.