Spinning Science


Garnier PowerWHITE Double Action facewash

The advertisement tells us that the product is nothing less than science in a tube. With many visuals showing futuristic technology such as holographic displays and other “science-ish” things like numbers and charts, the ad is definitely trying to sell to its audience that a lot of research was put into that tube.

This ad was aired an India, a country in which the fairly informed members of the public recognize pollution as a major problem. In other moments, the ad hinted that a young, educated, urban Indian population was being targeted.

The purpose of this ad, of course, is to promote its product. The ad tries to do so via visuals that use ethos and logos primarily, but in a somewhat fraudulent way.

In this Spinning Science project, I will highlight various ideas used in the ad, and describe the ad’s motive in each idea.