I created this website roughly three months ago (as of December 4th 2016), with two goals in my head. The first was that this website should look as unbiased as possible. That’s why there are no political or religious symbols anywhere. The second goal was to prevent readers from judging the site before they read any of the content. The plane look and dichromatic design facilitate that.

I also tried to create an open environment in the blog posts, in which I avoided praising or belittling the piece of text I analyzed. Instead, I tried to stick to the facts.

In the initial blog posts, I wasn’t sure of how to present my thoughts and analysis. I felt that I wasn’t successfully communicating my ideas, and I thought my words might be misinterpreted. However, as I wrote more (not only in blog posts, but projects too), I gradually found a voice that properly captured my meaning and tone.

The method I used to come up with meaningful content also evolved over these few months. Initially, I would sit for a few hours, staring blankly at my notebook (I used to jot down a few points in my notebook, and then start typing and elaborating on those points). Now, I just let my thoughts flow onto the computer (sometimes they pass through the book first), and later I “distill” the voluminous content and present it in a concentrated form.

This reflection has also taught me something. It has forced me to reduce my writing process to a science and put the process on paper. I have my final portfolio due in a week, and now I have a concrete method of tackling it.

Finally, if I were to create another website, there are some changes I would make. This website doesn’t fully utilize electronic media, and lacks any “interactive widgets”. The site may feel very static to the reader. In the future, I will definitely put some work into that area.