I think the script of our debate (not the recap video) was the most successful part of our project. The script made me change my mind on the issue of animal testing, and I think this attests to how convincing both sides of the argument are in our script.

We all started off on one side of the argument (that is, either pro animal testing or anti animal testing). The research we did for this project and the analysis we carried out on the text showed us the other side of the argument. For example, initially, I was anti animal testing, but now, I stand somewhere in the middle. The project forced me to put myself in the shoes of the other side, and has enabled me to “see” more sides of this issue. The process of preparing the script taught me to view issues from the other side.

I feel the script for our video could have been slightly better. Although our video was put together beautifully, the arguments put forward by the participants of the debate in the video seemed a little disconnected sometimes. This may have happened because we had to distill our original script and create a recap script, and while doing this we may have forgotten that our audience does not know the context as well as we did.