Ten Indian cities placed in the top thirty most polluted cities for 2016. New Delhi, the capital of India,  introduced an odd-even rule in early 2016 (vehicles with odd numbered license plates allowed on some days of the week, vehicles with even numbered license plates allowed on other days), as an attempt to curb air pollution. The ad tries to capitalize on the public’s concern for pollution.


Pollution is the first idea introduced in the ad. A screenshot of the video at 0:02 has been reproduced below. This frame is almost so devoid of color, that it could be mistaken to be grayscale. The color green, primarily associated with nature, freshness, et cetera, is completely absent, except in one place: on the Garnier logo at the bottom right.

The ad’s motive here is to implant in the audience’s mind the idea that the Garnier facewash is, in Garnier’s own words (view the image of the facewash tube), “anti-pollution”.