Backed by Science?

All those who have watched any of the Iron Man movies or The Avengers movies (both series are super hero films that heavily use science as a main theme) will immediately see where the frame from 0:05 got its idea. Another frame (at 0:20) uses a similar idea. Was any of this currently non-existent, distant future technology used in the development of the product?

The graphs and percentages displayed over the next few frames might, at first, seem to be connected to the product. However, if we pause the video, and inspect the numbers, we can see that the numbers and plots make no sense at all.


This “creative visualization” is used liberally throughout the ad. In the frames from 0:10 to 0:12, the ingredients, “Black Charcoal” and “Icy Clay Complex”, are introduced. The visuals, along with the naming of the ingredients, serve to provide a contrast between the two ingredients. Black charcoal is the rough, dark, hard component, and Icy Clay Complex, the smooth, transparent, soothing component. The word “complex” has also been thrown in to bring in science once again.

The ad nowhere explicitly says the technology or data mentioned above are connected to the product (because they aren’t). Yet, the audience is subconsciously tricked into thinking that solid math and high level technology were rigorously used.