Welcome to Eye Up, Eye Down: a (somewhat) site  dedicated to observing and analyzing in depth.

Why have I given it this ridiculous name?

This site’s name is inspired by the song ‘Eye in the Sky’.

An eye in the sky can admire everything resting on the Earth’s surface, from skyscrapers to springs. Floating far above the horizon, this eye has a large range (at an altitude of 10,000 m, the eye covers roughly 97,000 sq. miles – around one and a half times the size of Georgia).

On the other hand, the second eye is underground. It can see whatever the first cannot penetrate; it can observe things hidden from its heavenly counterpart.

The purpose of the second eye is to provide explanations and background information, to reveal information that adds another dimension to what the first eye observed.

For instance, the first eye can see skyscrapers; the second eye sees the 50 m foundation below the skyscraper, and explains why that massive building won’t collapse.

Here’s another example:

Have you ever seen an iceberg? Maybe you haven’t in real life, but you must have seen an image of an iceberg before. It looks like this:


The funny thing is, we’re looking at the small part of the iceberg here. Here’s how it really looks like, if we step (swim) back a couple of hundred meters:


Most of the iceberg’s mass (previously invisible to us) is concentrated in the lower section. Interesting, right?

In this site, I’ll talk about an issue, and then try to explain it or view it with a different mindset. That’s how this site got its name; I’m trying to combine the functions of both eyes.

I hope you enjoy reading these posts, and please comment whenever you agree or (especially) disagree. Another angle is always appreciated.